What is Sema and how does it work?

Welcome aboard! Sema is here to offer fully automated trading robots for your Binance as its official partner and make your trading experience unforgettable. With Sema, you will no longer need to be stressed by transactions and struggle to analyze sophisticated charts. Unlike human traders, bots instantly react to the market and make transactions required immediately. You can delegate all these processes to bots that monitor various indicators and are programmed to take profits as quickly as possible.

In Sema, you can:

  • Create your own strategies with advanced trading tools and indicators, which you can fully customize and adapt for yourself.
  • Get inspiration with daily trading ideas from experts with technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Use ready-to-launch strategies tested by history.
How do our bots work?

Our robots are based on the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy. It divides your investment into periodic buy or sell trades to get a greater average entry price. You can reduce the impact of volatility and price changes on your overall position this way. DCA bots buy and sell coins repeatedly at evenly spaced price levels. It minimizes the impact of market changes on your open position. Find out more about the DCA strategy here.

Besides the DCA strategy, every bot functions on one or several of these strategies:

  • Trend trading. It does not close a trade until the trend ends or changes.
  • Reversal strategy. It chooses a point when the trend ends and the direction of growth changes to close a trade.
  • Trading inside the price channel. If the price has stalled, we make money by buying at the bottom of the range and selling at the top of the price channel.

Each strategy works based on the right combination of indicators and technical, fundamental analysis.

You can customize all these strategies with trading tools, such as indicators and risk management adjustment. Here is a step-by-step guide to DCA robot customization.

If you are unsure about the currency you want to trade, use Trading ideas to get inspiration. There, you will find daily market analysis by experts. Please note that the forecast in Trading ideas can be wrong, as trading is associated with risks and unpredictable market events. However, our team tries its best to provide you with proven and reliable information. 

Also, you can launch a ready-made strategy with all-set parameters. To react to market changes and place orders when necessary, our robots use reliable and proven indicators and their combinations – BOLL, MACD, RSI, STOCH, and CCI. Based on historical data, some parameters of these indicators serve as a signal to buy or sell an asset. 

If you’re about to launch your first robot and find it challenging, this article will guide you through every step.

How to start trading with Sema?
  1. Download the application: link
  2. Connect your Binance account in one click
  3. Choose the bot in Trading Ideas, in the Tested by History section, or choose the coin and create the bot yourself
  4. Click “Use robot.”
  5. Choose the number of funds you want to trade
  6. Click “Start robot.”
  7. Enjoy and watch trading results in the app

Please note that connecting a Sema account to Binance is completely official and secure.

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