How secure is Sema? Is it safe to use? 

Discover the robust security measures implemented by Sema to safeguard your Sema account and trading data.

As a trading app, we understand traders’ concerns and apprehensions when granting access to their exchange accounts via API keys. We prioritize security above all else.

Ensuring the safety of your funds and orders and preventing unauthorized access to your Sema account is our utmost priority. While we cannot reveal all the intricate details of our security protocols, we would like to emphasize the essential aspects:

API Keys

  • Limited access to your API key – You have full control over the settings for your API key. To leverage the complete power of the Sema platform, we only require access to your trade history, balance view, and trading capabilities.
  • Encryption of API keys – Your password and API keys are always encrypted, ensuring that only you and your exchange can access them.

Employee Security

  • Secure network infrastructure – All user information is stored on a secure network protected by a robust firewall that prevents external access.
  • Restricted access for employees – To eliminate human errors and protect our users from internal threats, each Sema team member has limited rights and access based on their specific job roles.
  • Confidentiality of sensitive account information – We never share, send, or disclose users’ personal information to any third party outside our system.

System & Servers

  • RSA 2048 encryption – Sema employs advanced RSA 2048 encryption, providing enhanced security. To put it into perspective, this level of encryption is twice as secure as the standard 1024-bit encryption used by most banks worldwide. Cracking your API key using every possible combination would take over a hundred lifetimes.
  • Secure data transmission – When you add an API key to Sema, your browser initiates an encryption process and securely delivers the API key to our servers.