Monitor robots’ trading results

Grasp how well they’re doing and decide based on their combined trading data.

When reviewing your bots’ results, getting lots of info on one page is crucial. It saves you from diving into details when you need to make a speedy decision. Knowing what each metric means is vital for swiftly tracking your bots’ performance.

In this article, we will guide you through the main metrics.

Bots profit

Bots profit is the total profit of all robots from closed trades, excluding unrealized current losses.

Trading volume

Trading volume is the volume of transactions for the entire time of robots’ operation.


On the robot’s info card, the investment shows the amount you have allocated to this robot’s trading.


The trades metric shows the total number of trades the robot made and the time it was running.

These are the basic metrics of robots, which you can find on the Home page. You can get more information about the performance of a robot by clicking on its card to see the chart and all the trades.

If you need help figuring out the robot performance metrics, you can always contact our support team.