Set up your DCA bots to automatically reinvest a percentage of your actual profits. Your bot calculates the Reinvestment based on the initial investment, increasing new deal sizes accordingly. Simply choose the percentage of profit you want to reinvest using a slider.

  • 100%: Reinvests all profits, scaling up order sizes proportionally.
  • 0%: Profits stay in your balance, and the bot keeps trading with the initial funds.

With the reinvestment feature, the DCA Bot calculates the percentage of reinvested funds relative to the initial investment (base order + safety orders). It then increases the new deal size (both base and safety orders) by that percentage.

Please note that his feature is exclusive to Pro plan users.

Now, let’s break down two trading strategies.

Strategy 1

Let’s say we trade $50 daily during a year (365 days), closing a trade with a take profit of 1% each day. The profit earned on the first day will be $0,5, and the total amount invested will be $18,250.

Every day, the earned profit will be $0.5. Thus, the total profit after a year will be $182.5.

Strategy 2

This time, let’s try to reinvest the daily earnings into the next day’s trade.

The profit from the first day starts at $0.5, with the total investment reaching $18,250. Importantly, we do not withdraw the profit, continually reinvesting it every following day. The overall profit over 365 days will be:

Profit on day 1 = $0.5

Profit on day 2 = $0.505 (101%)

Profit on day 3 = $0.51 (102.01%)

Finally, after a year, the total profit will be $493.28.

The second strategy brings much more profit, showcasing the so-called compounding effect.

Remember, the reinvestment amount might not always align with the exchange’s trading rules, especially if it’s very small. No worries— as profits grow, the bot adjusts order sizes to fit the exchange’s step size.

Please note: If the Reinvestment feature is on, the Total profit column shows the profit portion not reinvested. For instance, if Reinvestment is set to 100%, the Total profit column displays 0 profit, as all profits are reinvested. 

You can always check the percentage you reinvest and adjust it in the bot settings.

Level up your profit with the Reinvestment feature! 

If you have any issues or questions about the DCA robot or its strategy, you can always contact our support team.