Trading with Sema VS manual trading

By delegating trading to a robot, you can spend your free time with family, friends or do a hobby you enjoy. In this case, the trading quality, as a rule, does not suffer but only becomes better because the robot constantly monitors the market according to indicators and does not make emotional decisions.

Let’s dive into the process of robot trading and its advantages.

The trading process consists of two parts – analyzing an asset and making a trade. A trading robot assists the user in both tasks.

Before making a deal, it is necessary:

  • To select the amount
  • Think over the profit/loss parameter
  • Set the expected time of the deal
  • Determine the amount and level of initial and safety orders

Undoubtedly, the trader can make most of these by themselves, but these steps require time. Setting the parameters of one deal, even with a clear plan, can take from tens of seconds to tens of minutes – during this time, market conditions can change significantly, and a trader can lose profit opportunity.

DCA robot allows you to automate all mechanical actions to set orders in the trading terminal. Also, you can set the re-entry algorithm into the market, and the robot will make transactions without the need for your participation.

In summary, the key advantages of a robot over manual trading are:

  • Automation of the trading process
  • Automatic entry point finding based on indicators
  • Speed of accurate calculation of transaction parameters
  • Speed of order placement
  • 100% discipline when executing trades

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