What are technical indicators?

To understand the processes in the market, it is crucial to know unbiased information about the asset. For this purpose, various news and analytics providers are used, as well as research. There are two types of analytics:

  • Fundamental, related to the nature of the company’s or sector’s activity
  • Technical, related to the information on the chart and price data

Technical indicators are a part of technical analysis. There are the following types of them:

  • Trend indicators, which measure the direction and strength of the trend (Moving average, MACD).
  • Impulse indicators, which determine the speed and dynamics of price movement (RSI, Stochastic RSI, CCI).
  • Volatility indicators, which measure the amplitude of price movement (Bollinger Bands).
  • Volume indicators, which show the volume of trading (volume, Volume oscillator).

Depending on the trader’s strategy, one indicator’s specific parameters or combinations can be used as trading signals to enter or exit a deal. Three basic principles justify the use of technical indicators.

Price takes everything into account

Any factor that can affect the price: psychological, economic, or political, is already taken into account by the market and included in it. Therefore, you need to focus on the price chart to make a prediction.

Trends determine price movements

An individual price change can be accidental, but all of them together for a certain period can create a trend in which the market will move for some time. If downward, the movement is downward, upward – upward.

History repeats itself

Based on the analysis of historical data, you can predict the dynamics of price changes because the market players’ patterns can be repeated.

In Sema, you can use separate indicators and their combination to make trading with the help of DCA robots more accurate and smooth. In general, there are many technical indicators, but our team has chosen the most proven and reliable ones. Preliminary testing of various indicators and their combinations in actual trading allowed us to select the most effective options.

Here are indicators and their combinations you can use in Sema. Click on the links on each indicator to learn more about them:

Single indicators:


  • Bollinger bands + CCI
  • Bollinger bands + RSI
  • Stochastic + CCI