What is a demo account and how to use it?

A demo account is essentially a training ground for aspiring traders. With a demo account, you can explore the world of cryptocurrency trading, practice your strategies, and get a feel for the market—all without risking a single cent. A demo account is fully real-like, except you can not withdraw it. It’s the perfect place to gain confidence and experience before diving into live trading.

Key Features of the Sema Demo Account

Here’s what you can expect when you create your Sema demo account:

  1. Initial Balance: You’ll receive an initial balance of  10000 USDT, 0.5 BTC, 50 BNBin your demo account. This balance allows you to simulate trading with a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Real Market Data: The demo account uses actual market data in real-time. This means you can experience market movements and price fluctuations just like on a real trading platform.
  3. No Risk: While you can trade and experiment freely with your demo account, it’s important to note that you cannot withdraw virtual funds. The demo account is solely for practice and to help you become more comfortable with trading.
  4. Bot Compatibility: You can launch any trading bots within your demo account. This feature empowers you to explore different trading strategies, test the effectiveness of various algorithms, and see how automated trading works.
  5. Trading Ideas: Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Explore our Trading Ideas section, where you can find inspiration and insights to kickstart your trading journey.

How to Get Started with the Sema Demo Account

Getting started with the Sema demo account is a breeze:

  1. Download the Sema app: Download the Sema app on Google Play.
  1. Create Your Account: Sign up for your demo account with just a few basic details. No financial information or deposits are required.

3. Access Your Demo Funds: Once your account is created, you’ll have instant access to your demo funds, ready to start trading.

4. Explore and Learn: Dive into cryptocurrency trading, test different strategies, and watch how your virtual portfolio grows. If you already have a real account.

5. Upgrade to a Live Account: When you’re ready to take the leap into live trading, you can seamlessly transition to a real account, deposit real funds, and start your cryptocurrency journey with confidence.

If you already have a real account, you can switch between a demo account and a real one in the main setting when launching a bot.

At last, you can always reset your demo account if you want to start it all from the very beginning. In this case, your account will reset to 10000 USDT, 0.5 BTC, and 50 BNB. All positions, orders, and active bots will be deleted.  To do this, go to the “Balance details” section and press the “Reset” button.

If you have any questions or difficulties, you can always contact our support team.