There is no perfect pair. Even with our assistance, you need to analyze the market on your own before choosing a trading pair. Sema has two powerful tools to help you, backtested robots and Trading ideas, which you can use as options source. You will find the most important trading pair parameters here.

The most crucial trading pair’s parameters are:

  • Liquidity: sufficient trading volume to enter and exit a trade
  • Informativeness: enough basic information about the company, market, or industry to decide to start trading
  • Trend

An uptrend or downtrend is essential, as the mechanics of the algorithms’ work consists of cycles of price averaging and closing trades according to the settings the users choose. Therefore, although the DCA strategy generally helps traders select the optimal entry point for the transaction, price change in a specific direction is necessary for profit.

You can find high-performing trading pairs in the All Robots section in the Trade menu: it shows the top-return trading pairs based on the 3d, weekly, and monthly backtest results.

If you want to see the strategies with a certain token, you can sort them out by pressing the “Pairs” button.

After you choose a trading pair, press “Use robot” for a quick launch.

If you are new to the DCA strategy, we recommend you read the article about the DCA strategy and launching a DCA bot first.

If you struggle to find a suitable trading pair, you can always use our Trading ideas by Sema’s analysts. Based on technical and fundamental analysis, they publish daily Trading ideas for you to always have a strategy to launch ready at hand. Find out more about Trading ideas.

You can launch a DCA robot prepared by our analysts right from Trading ideas by pressing “Create bot”.

Please note that any forecast can be wrong, as trading is associated with risks and unpredictable market events. Before making the final decision and launching a robot, analyze the market yourself and make sure you are aware of the risks.